I am so happy that I went to Dr. Rich Zoumalan for my septoplasty and rhinoplasty. I could seriously not be happier with my results, and I feel so lucky that I went to him and got it right my first time going under.

I had a deviated septum that has obviously always been annoying. I had a few minor cosmetic issues I wanted to fix with my nose as well, I wanted the tip refined, but wanted to look as natural as possible. I was so afraid to bite the bullet and get it done because I did not want to look “plastic.” When I went in for my consultation with Dr. Zoumalan, I felt way less skeptical. He really seemed to know his stuff, and I found out he has an ENT background as well. I got the feel that he actually cares for his patients and their well-being, rather than being just another patient down the factory line, if you will.

I am at one month post-op right now, and even though I am still new out of surgery, I can breathe better already. I am almost fully healed. And most importantly, my nose looks AMAZING! It’s EXACTLY what I wanted! Nobody would ever be able to tell I have had a “nose job”, yet my face and my features look sooo much better, not to mention my side profile in pictures is near absolute perfection.

Also, his staff is great. His medical assistant, I believe her name is Danielle, is very nice and thorough. Dr. Zoumalan also has a good sense of humor and helps his patients feel comfortable–the day I was going in for surgery, I was going in for a few procedures and it was my first time going under…I was being a baby and crying. Whatever he said to me in my half drugged up state before putting that sleeping mask on made me feel a lot better, haha. He is personable and professional. I literally cannot recommend him enough!