What are the advantages of facial implants or fillers?

The advantages of facial implants is the ability to mimic bony architecture. In the chin, there is no material out there that can mimic the density of bone like a chin implant can. In the cheeks, implants can mimic the cheek bone, whereas fillers are softer. Another major advantage is that they are permanent and won’t dissolve with time like most fillers.

What are the disadvantages of facial implants?

Due to the very small rate of infection, movement of implant, or extrusion of implant, the downsides of facial implants are minimal. In rare cases where this is a problem the type of implant Dr. Zoumalan prefers (silicone) can be removed very easily and without the usual problems of scar tissue and difficult removal.

Chin Augmentation with Chin Implant

Chin implantation does the following:

1. A Chin implant improves the profile in a very powerful way. Chin implants define and gives females an elegant, natural jawline. For Men, this provides a stronger profile and gives the face more authority.

2. Chin implantation augments the jawline and allows for a more strong and elegant jawline.

3. By pushing the front end of the jaw forward, it allows for the tissues underneath the chin to come up, as seen with neck liposuction alone. Sometimes, patients want more fat removed which can be done easily at the same time as chin implantation.

What will I look like?

Dr. Zoumalan can show you using a virtual surgery morphing technology what you can expect to look like from a chin implant. Dr. Zoumalan also uses this technique to decide with you what the best size implant is for you.

Male Chin Implant

For men, a strong jaw is a sign of masculinity and power. It improves the profile as well as view from the front. Chin Implants allow for the nose to look like it protrudes less as well. Often, for those that think they have an over-protruding nose, a chin implant can greatly improve both the frontal and profile view of the jaw.

No injectable substance (filler) can mimic the hard nature of the jaw. A chin implant is a safe and long term solution for the male that wants a stronger jawline. There are other options such as Genioplasty or Saggital Split Osteotomy. These are bone advancement procedures. Dr. Zoumalan can assess your candidacy for each.

This is an example of what a chin implant result can look like:

Chin implants and dramatically improve the profile.  Also, because the front end of the jaw is moved forward, the neck tissues tend to pick up as well.

Female Chin Implant

Chin implants are popular among women as well. Some women want a better jawline at the same time as a Facelift or Necklift. The chin tends to lose bone volume over the years, which is a sign of aging. A small or medium chin implant can naturally recreate this volume and have the feel of normal bone.

Younger women also choose to have chin implants for a weak jawline. Women do not want a really strong jawline, as this looks too masculine. An elegant increase in the size of chin can be performed to give a natural enhancement of the face. This also picks up the neck tissue as well. Some women may choose to have submental (under the chin) liposuction through the same incision as the chin implant.

Chin Implant During Rhinoplasty

Chin implantation is commonly performed at the same time as Rhinoplasty. This allows for the most ideal management of the profile in males and females with a weak chin. There is also a result on the perception of the length of the nose. Weaker (smaller) chins cause the nose to look bigger and look like they protrude (stick out) more. A chin implant can decrease the impression of a larger nose.

Chin implants can be safely placed at the same time as Rhinoplasty.

Chin Implant with Neck Liposuction

Some people, especially younger patients, have an increased amount of neck fat under their chin. This area will improve with a chin implant, but others need neck liposuction at the same time to get a better result. This is done using the same incision as the chin implant. It adds little time to the surgery, and there is little in added recovery time.

How do I know if Dr. Zoumalan shares my aesthetics?

Dr. Zoumalan will do a virtual imaging of your profile and you will see what you can look like with an implant. This is a great way to decide whether this is the right procedure for you. It will also help you decide the size of implant and whether you want liposuction or Rhinoplasty at the same time.

What is the recovery time?

The bandage is removed after a few days, and most people return to work in 2-3 days. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for 2 weeks. You will have a very small incision hidden under your chin. Sutures are taken out in 1 week.


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