My 17 year old daughter underwent a rhinoplasty, septoplasty and nasal turbinate reduction as well as an excision of a birthmark from her scalp. At one month, she appears completely healed. I feel so fortunate that Dr. Richard Zoumalan was her surgeon. She is so happy now and smiles nearly all of the time. She can finally breathe through her nose and even sleeps better. Her nose looks great from every angle and suits her face so well. The result of the surgery is better than I could have imagined. Her appearance is so natural that it is already difficult to remember what her nose looked like before! Her scalp also has healed beautifully, and she has started wearing her hair up because she is no longer self conscious. The post operative recovery was very smooth and much quicker than I expected.

As a parent and physician, it was an agonizing decision in terms of whether and at what age to have the surgery. That being said, when I met Dr. Zoumalan, I immediately felt confident and knew that he would do the nose and scalp procedures with great skill and attention to detail. It was also comforting that he is trained in both otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery. He has great communication skills and totally understood what my daughter wanted. He seemed to have a vision of precisely what needed to be done.

My wife and I are so grateful and highly recommend him. He also has a great office staff, both caring and efficient. They really held our hands throughout the process. We cannot thank him enough.