Miracle worker would be an accurate description of Dr. Richard Zoumalan being that he performs non-invasive rhinoplasty that is not only painless, but took an hour, and corrected a problem that had bothered me for almost 30 years. If I didn’t see it for myself, I would have never believed it and I couldn’t be happier.

I had a botched nose job when I was 16 from a doctor that performed a surgical rhinoplasty to correct a breathing issue. The surgeon left me with a bridge of my nose that was that sloped dramatically, giving me a “pug” nose that lacked definition and symmetry. Like most people, I didn’t want to have surgery, and put an implant in which could become infected and is painful. I looked for alternatives and found perfect reviews for Dr. Richard Zoumalan and called his office.

You will find, like I did, that his staff is light-hearted, kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable. It was simple to schedule an appointment with his office, and I was in within 4 days. The FIRST day I was in his office, a patient came in who had a face lift and was smiling letting the staff know how thrilled she was with the procedure. Next, a patient walked in who said “Everyone keeps asking, what looks different – because you look the best I have ever seen” That did it for me. I witnessed two patients in 10 minutes who made a point to express their gratitude for a job well done by Dr. Richard Zoumalan.

I met with Dr. Zoumalan who has more awards, accolades, and published articles from Major Medical Journals than any Doctor I have ever see – this man knows his stuff! He is also an artist (his art is on the walls), so he really sees the face through an artists eye which is very important to me – I knew I would be more than a technical “job”. Dr. Zoumalan explained he could give me the results I want with a “filler” and I would see the results immediately.

He was right. After some local numbing, and a little hand holding by his staff :), he began the injections and I was very pleased to learn that not only did it not hurt, but it only took about 30 minutes to perform. There was some minor swelling, but nothing that hurt or was uncomfortable – You feel a little pressure from the injection, but that is really it – the MOST I felt was a tiny pinch, and I am a huge wimp! When I looked in the mirror, my nose was just the way I always imaged it and I was thrilled!

Dr. Zoumalan has incredible bedside manner, and explains everything along the way so you feel confident about the procedure. I could drive right after, and honestly, getting a blood test was more painful. I am SO HAPPY with the results and if you are thinking about getting your nose fixed, or cheeks raised or anything at all with your face, you have to see this man – he will only do what he feels will work, and is one of the rare medical professionals these days that is as talented as he is ethical and kind.

5 Stars across the board!