Let me first say I am the last guy to think about getting a nose job. Until one day when I was playing with my kid he threw his head back and bam… My face (and breathing) was changed forever. While I didn’t care as much about the crookedness of my nose… I did care that I could only breathe out of one nostril. Randomly my wife’s cousin, who had recently gotten a rhinoplasty procedure, came over for dinner. When she saw my nose and heard my problems breathing she encouraged me to call Dr. Zoumalan and at least see if he could do anything for me. She said her rhinoplasty procedure went better than she could have ever hoped for… Long story short, I met with Dr Zoumalan and he really impressed me. I ended up getting my septum fixed and my nose realigned. Not only can I breathe clearly outta both nostrils now but I look like my old self. It’s exactly what I wanted… To not look like I just had a nose job. Dr Zoumalan was an awesome doc who did an awesome job, I can’t recommend him enough.