I had a severe deviated septum which caused breathing problems, snoring and cosmetic deformity (My nose twisted to one side). I went to a few different doctors but Dr. Zoumalan was by far my favorite. He was honest and had the confidence to not only fix my nose cosmetically but fix the broken deviated septum and resolve my breathing problems.

I was nervous to undergo the surgery but he made me comfortable through the entire process. He’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the nose! Most doctors just use big words when describing the procedures, but Dr. Zoumalan made the process easier for me to understand. He sent me informative pre-procedure, and post procedure instructions and said if I followed everything exactly my recovery would be easier and quicker. He followed up with me the same evening of surgery to see how I was feeling and followed up with me numerous other times to check on how the recovery was.

I thought the recovery was going to be way worse than what I actually experienced. I was back at work the following week and had very little swelling. It’s now been 9 months since my surgery and I’m extremely happy with my new nose. I can finally breathe again. (I forgot what that felt like for the past 10 years.) My nose looks great, it’s no longer crooked and my wife said the snoring has stopped! I’m more than happy and satisfied with the results. I’ve received overwhelming positive comments and feedback from my family and friends and I’ve even referred a friend who will be getting the same procedure done next month.

Dr. Zoumalan is all around the best Rhinoplasty doctor in Southern California. Believe me I shopped around and compared a ton of different doctors in L.A before deciding to go with Dr. Zoumalan.

Thank you for everything, I couldn’t be happier.