Excuse me… Where is the 10 Star choice?! I am a very picky particular person & knew the moment I met Dr. Richard Zoumalan that he was just the person to help me.

I normally wouldn’t even write about something so personal as surgery on the internet, but people deserve to know he is the best because it is your health; your life!

I have played soccer competitively since I was 5. I played NAIA College soccer, played in Europe, played a season of SemiPro, & continue to stay active in adult leagues. Over the years my nose became less and less symmetrical from the profile view. With multiple deviations in my septum and an out or control bone spur growing in both directions. This not only looked bad but my air passages felt “no bueno” as well.

I had met with multiple doctors. They weren’t getting it from a cosmetic standpoint. I wanted to look more symmetrical, but still exactly like me. I just wanted the breathing better and to look like my “good side” from every angle.

Seriously, whoever is reading this: My nose is perfect! Do not settle on your surgeon. Dr. Zoumalan is amazing, caring, professional, & the results are what you want. On top of it I can breath great! My nose looks neater and better but my nostrils feel wider and function better. I have some friends that had just cosmetic nose jobs and say they breathe worse 🙁 yuck. Go to Dr. Zoumalan 🙂 He is both medical and cosmetic so insurance can be used in situations that involve medical as well like mine! Look great and feel good; do yourself a favor and pick the right surgeon. Thank you Dr. Richard Zoumalan! You are so awesome.