Dr Zoumalan was intent on providing for and addressing all my questions and concerns, in a word astonishing. As a native to southern California, it’s almost impossible to escape the lour of the sunshine and all the outdoor activity. As an actor, when I discovered that I had skin cancer on my face naturally I was crushed. I never expected to be booked on a job within three months of the surgery, with a fresh scar on my cheek I thought I would be almost unhireable. Those fear were laid to rest in short order and within a year people can’t even see the scar that was in it’s origin over two inches long. Dr Zoumalan’s care, consideration and follow up has made such an impression on me that I intend to allow him to repair the ill effects of a deviated septum. Again, as someone who attempts to make their living on their face and smile, I can confidently say that I feel 100% “one hundred percent” confident for any future issues that may occur. I recommend Dr Zoumalan whole heatedly and as an individual who interviewed several doctors, I get great comfort knowing that I will not have to do that again. Thanks, Dr Zoumalan.