Dr. Zoumalan has to be one of the best doctors I’ve had. Not only was he professional and very kind, he was able to perform a very successful surgery on me. I had a rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and turbinates reduction and I feel so much better. I requested that he performs a subtle change to my profile and to correct the shape of my bridge, which appeared to have caved in to the side. His work is beautiful and he knows how to achieve a natural look. Not only was he great, but also his staff. His nurses were extremely nice and so was the office manager Danielle. I was so lucky to have found him online and I’m glad to have trusted in him. Dr. Zoumalan is definitely the surgeon you would want to operate on you because he has the artistic knowledge to sculpt the face in a way that looks natural and satisfying. Not only is he a great surgeon, he’s also a great painter!