Dr. Zoumalan did fat transfer on me, and it was worth every penny. I am skinny with a skinny face, and I tried for years to get better cheek and temple shape with fillers and nothing worked. I spent thousands of dollars trying to find something that would last. I tried Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, and nothing would stay. My dermatologist recommended me to have Dr. Zoumalan evaluate me for fat injections. I am thankful for this. He is a true artist (in more ways than one-he’s a painter too) and he put the perfect amount of fat everywhere. I am one year out, and I love what he has done. I look younger, and it looks and it feels natural. He took the fat from my belly and inner thighs. Even those areas look better…added bonus. So much more cost effective than all the fillers. And there was minimal to no downtime at all. Just a little swelling and a couple small bruises. So glad I went ahead with it.