Dr. Richard Zoumalan performed an exceptional revisional rhinoplasty of my nose. I have a history of chronic sinusitis and have had several sinus surgeries and 2 rhinoplasties in hopes to correct my problem. My original rhinoplasty was done to correct a severely deviated septum. This surgery left me unable to breathe out of my nose. I had a second surgery where the surgeon used alar batten grafts to correct collapsed nasal valves. Unfortunately, these grafts failed and with time became infected leaving me with a pollybeak deformity. These grafts were painful and I was in search of a surgeon that could help alleviate the pain and improve my breathing and overall look of my nose.

I consulted with several plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and was finally referred to Dr. Zoumalan by a family friend. After consulting with Dr. Richard Zoumalan and listening to his explanation of what was necessary to correct my problem, I felt confident with Dr. Zoumalan as my plastic surgeon.

With outrageous nervous tension I underwent my 2nd revision rhinoplasty on October 4, 2012. After surgery he took the time to call and check in on how I was doing. After removing my splint and seeing my results for the first time, my nose looked better than I could have ever imagined. It brought tears to my eyes! I am incredibly happy with my results. Dr. Zoumalans’ precise attention to detail assured a remarkable outcome.

As a result of this wonderful experience, I have reconsidered my career goals and have initiated my desire to become a facial plastic surgeon.

THANKS Dr. Zoumalan!!!